Team Otto ChatBot ROI Calculator

Find out how much you could be saving by implementing our AI-based help desk chatbot along with a detailed report customized to your organization's support needs provided below...

Step 1: Help Desk/IT Support

Please provide help desk and IT department information used in calculating Return on Investment for implementing an AI chatbot.

Monthly Tickets Opened (average)
# of End Users Supported (total employees)
# of Employees Handling Tickets (IT staff count)
Estimated Annual IT Salaries & Benefits
Step 2: Supported Platforms

Please indicate the platforms your organizations supports.

IT Help Desk
Office 365
RMM Tool
Step 3: Service Level

Please indicate the service levels you provide to your end users or employees.

Support request handling outside standard business hours:
Average ticket resolution time (in minutes):
Average customer satisfaction percentage:
Percent of Tickets Resolved by Bot, at Launch
Percent of Tickets Resolved by Bot, in Year 3