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IT Help Desk & IT Department

  • 24x7x365 IT Support
  • Otto handles 1 request or 1000 simultaneous request.
  • Reduced Cost, Improves Fix Times
  • Assistance geared for both End Users and IT Departments
  • Constantly Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Language Understanding Engine

Otto Bot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Features


24x7x365 IT Support

Otto Bot works 168 hours every week without overtime, vacations, or sick time. This allows your employees to obtain IT support around the clock even if you only staff 40 business hours each week. Otto Bot works every evening, all night, weekends, and holidays.


Language Understanding Engine

Employees can experience true self-service by making requests just like they’re chatting with a person. Language Understanding interprets user goals (intents) and distills valuable information from sentences (entities), for a high quality, nuanced language model.


Mobile App & Browser Bot Access

Otto Bot can be accessed through iOS, Android, and desktop browsers and the conversations are synced if you start on one device and switch devices mid-conversation.


Automated IT Fixes

Otto can address many of the top help desk issues, including password resets, slow PC troubleshooting, providing instructions to users, and opening support tickets.


Customized for Your Needs

For tasks specific to your line of business applications, Otto can be customized to for your organization to offer automated solutions to problems for your employees.


Enterprise-grade administration and security

Get secure bot messaging, user authentication, as well as granular control of permissions with departments, categories, and sub-categories.


Bot Personalities

Each user can select Otto’s personality preference and select a sense of humor. Messages be customized for any of the capabilities added for your bot to make it the perfect 24×7 help desk assistant.


Continual Learning

Otto continually learns and gives you access to an ever-expanding library of functionality, providing you with the power and flexibility you need to extend the functionality of your bot to address your business challenges.

Team Otto Bot for Your Organization

Team Otto can solve all sorts of issues for your organization.

Team Otto ChatBot ROI Calculator

Find out how much you could be saving by implementing our AI-based help desk chatbot along with a detailed report customized to your organization's support needs provided below...

Step 1: Help Desk/IT Support

Please provide help desk and IT department information used in calculating Return on Investment for implementing an AI chatbot.

Monthly Tickets Opened (average)
# of End Users Supported (total employees)
# of Employees Handling Tickets (IT staff count)
Estimated Annual IT Salaries & Benefits
Step 2: Supported Platforms

Please indicate the platforms your organizations supports.

IT Help Desk
Office 365
RMM Tool
Step 3: Service Level

Please indicate the service levels you provide to your end users or employees.

Support request handling outside standard business hours:
Average ticket resolution time (in minutes):
Average customer satisfaction percentage:
Percent of Tickets Resolved by Bot, at Launch
Percent of Tickets Resolved by Bot, in Year 3

Case Studies

Case Study
HR Department

Learn how we
used Otto Bot to
handle repetitive
HR requests like
401k and insurance

Case Study
IT Department

Discover how we
created a team of
specialized IT bots
to address onboarding
of new employees
being hired.

Case Study
Customer Service

See how we
created a custom
bot persona to
handle customer
website inquiries

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