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Data Backup CloudKeep™

Managed Data Backup

    • Reduced¬†backup management labor.

    Data is moved offsite for disaster recovery purposes without manual coordination.

    • Improved backup reliability.

    With less moving parts and hardware dependencies, there are less physical dependencies which can go wrong.

    • Lower cost.

    Subscription based model which offers a very low barrier to entry.

    • Increased flexibility.

    Ability to backup individual files, databases, or entire virtual machines depending upon restore requirements.

Data Backup Features


Multiple Device Support

A single service that supports backup and business continuity across a distributed environment of multiple devices (PCs, laptops, and servers)


Virtual Servers Backups

Works among a variety of applications and server environments including virtualized environments.


Centralized Management

Centralized and scalable management attractive to organizations with even few to no IT resources.


Trusted Backup Providers

Trusted providers that leverages benefits and longevity of some of the most-respected data companies in the industry.


Hybrid Backups

Hybrid cloud solutions incorporate local disk/NAS backups with cloud offsite backups.


Assessment Services

Assessment services to help customers understand how much data is to be backed up and the bandwidth considerations to complete backups.


Application-Specific Protection

For business-critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL databases.

Data Backup with CloudKeep™

Catalyst CloudKeep provides managed online backup services for your business. Our engineers will assess your environment and develop a backup solution that provides you with reliable and consistent off-site backups, no matter how big or small your IT environment is. After planning is complete, Catalyst takes care of the implementation, monitoring, and support of your backup solution. Support for data restore operations is also included with this service, making data recovery simple and fast when you need it most.

The Catalyst CloudKeep service provides you with access to affordable cloud storage to fit nearly any need.

Data Backup Frequently Asked Questions

What is CloudKeep?

CloudKeep is a suite of multiple vendors’ online backup solutions.¬†Depending on your organization’s specific data backup requirements including machine types, locations, hybrid backup objectives, operating systems, virtualization technologies used, and applications and data, we recommend the most cost-effective solution.

Who needs CloudKeep?

Any organization that maintains data on individual laptops, desktops, servers, or even in the cloud  should consider our CloudKeep solutions. If having the ability to recover lost data is important, whether the data loss is the result of accidental, deliberate, or unanticipated events, CloudKeep can provide you the ability to recover.

How does CloudKeep work?

CloudKeep works as either a hybrid backup solution keeping a copy of the data both onsite and offsite, or as a cloud backup solution where data is kept offsite. Based upon the frequency you need to protect changes to your data, CloudKeep writes the backup to local and/or cloud locations as frequently as near-real time.

Why is CloudKeep the right solution?

CloudKeep allows you to put together a data protection strategy customized to your organization’s needs. We evaluate what you’re backing up, how far you need to be able to go back by assessing Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and how frequently important data is changed by evaluating Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). While there are similar approaches used by many organizations, understanding these items is critical as the details vary between every organization.

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