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Improve users' software adoption rates, education, and overall productivity.

    • Onboard new employees
    • Leverage a library of Office 365 training
    • Stay on top of new O365 apps
    • Develop your own training videos
    • Create learning plans
    • Provide quizzes to assess understanding

Training Features



To see a return on your Microsoft investment, you need to do more than turn the software on. You need users to streamline their processes and embrace long-term change. We can help you do it.


IT Department

Your IT team can do more than answer the same software questions. We’ve got a solution that offers users personalized, scalable learning—so your IT team can focus on what matters most.


End User

Having trouble keeping up with changing technology? We’ve got the goods to help you embrace change, gain confidence, and keep you at the top of your professional game.

Catalyst's Approach to Learning

No organization is quite like yours, so why settle for training that treats you like an average Joe? Catalyst offers a range of learning solutions that suit any type of learner—the anxious newbie, the reluctant adopter, the hands-on power user, and more.

Training Benefits


You tell us your organization’s goals and needs. We help you turn those objectives into assignable learning journeys for users to complete.


Turn on the training engagement engine, sit back, and watch users consume the learning content that YOU want them to learn.


See user attitudes and behaviors transform as operational improvements become easy, sustainable habits.

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