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Value of our Productivity365 Security:

    • Fewer Devices = Reduced Costs.

    All solutions reside in Microsoft’s secure ecosystem, reducing the need for costly backup and security devices at your office.

    • Simplify with Built-In Security Features.

    Built-in security features like data loss prevention and encryption are included with several plans, thereby reducing costs and the need to manage multiple solutions.

    • Regulatory Compliance on Auto-Pilot.

    Microsoft Office365 has been built to comply with most industries’ compliance regulations out-of-the-box. Why spend hours trying to patchwork multiple solutions? Office365 puts compliance on auto-pilot.

    • Easily Control Data Access.

    Set rules regarding how and when your corporate data can be accessed at the admin level allowing you to control who can access your data and how.

    • Access from Any Device.

    Access to data can be granted to a user rather than a device giving your employees the freedom to work from anywhere while ensuring your data can only be accessed by users who have permission.

    • Remotely Wipe Lost or Stolen Devices.

    Remote wipe capabilities allow you to remove corporate data should an employee device ever be lost or stolen.

Security Features


Secure Data in O365

Data stored in O365 is encrypted both at rest and during transport.  Data centers are protected by world-class virtual and physical security measures ensuring your data is protected from security breaches and natural disasters.


Exchange Server 2016 Data loss prevention (DLP)

Data loss prevention (DLP) makes managing sensitive data in email messages easy by balancing compliance requirements without unnecessarily hindering the productivity of workers. Use any of the DLP templates that are included in Office 365, or create your own DLP rules.


Azure Rights Management

Microsoft Azure Rights Management provides a comprehensive, policy-based, enterprise solution that includes capabilities such as Do Not Forward and Company Confidential, as well as Office 365 Message Encryption. Set up complex policy restrictions easily, with just a single action.


Office 365 Information Rights Management (IRM)

Within SharePoint, IRM protection is applied to files at the list and library level. IRM limits the set of users and programs that are allowed to decrypt your encrypted files. IRM allows you to set read-only access, disable copying of text, prevent users from saving a local copy, and prevent printing to a file.


Office 365 Compliance Framework

The Office 365 Compliance Framework applies to all Office 365 commercial and education offerings, and comes with over 900 controls in the Office 365 compliance framework that are always up-to-date with industry standards.

Identity-Driven Security

Centrally manage single sign-on across devices, your datacenter, and the cloud.  Get comprehensive, intelligent protection against today’s advanced attacks.  Securely manage apps and data on iOS, Android, and Windows from one place.

Intelligently safeguard your corporate data and enable secured collaboration.  Efficiently deliver and manage Windows desktops and apps on all devices.

Do more with less—protect users, devices, apps, and data with intuitive mobile management on a future-ready platform.

Security Benefits

On-demand e-mail encryption

By simply typing a trigger word, such as “encrypt,” in the subject line of an email, users can easily send encrypted e-mail messages.

Corporate App Sharing

With Azure Rights Management, sharing your corporate credentials for applications is no longer needed.  By creating an “app” for sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and 100’s of others, you can enter corporate credentials at the admin level and simply share the app with employees needing access.

Prevent data from inadvertently being shared

By creating data loss prevention rules, you can ensure your employees don’t accidently send out sensitive info like credit card numbers or SSNs.

Have complete control over your files even when they leave your environment

Through document rights, you can safely share documents outside your organization without fear they will be shared beyond your intended recipient.  Set permissions to only allow documents to be saved to your corporate network and prevent screenshotting.

Your data is always encrypted

Microsoft’s advanced security features ensure your data is encrypted while at rest and while being transported from their data centers to you.

Meet your industry compliance requirements with a single solution

With growing compliance requirements, Microsoft’s cloud solutions meet all the major US compliance regulations.  Visit the Microsoft Trust Center to learn more about compliance.

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