Have You Heard of Evernote for Your Business?

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  • December 20, 2017

Have You Heard of Evernote for Your Business?

Every business owner has a lot of work on their plate that can make organizing vast amounts of information difficult. Thankfully, there are software solutions out there that can be incredible assets for the business owner. Evernote is one such application. It is designed to help your business focus on completing tasks and communicating effectively. Some of the main uses that it has for business-class use is for connecting teams through a unified platform and gathering information for later review. Of course, the main purpose of Evernote is to provide a comprehensive platform for note taking and organizing notes.

Here are three of the major reasons why Evernote could prove to be a useful tool for your business’ needs.

Collect and Organize Information
Typically, you’ll have to collect a considerable amount of information about any given topic if you plan on creating a project built around it. Evernote’s purpose is to allow users to store information in one place so that it can be consumed at a glance. You can then proceed to share this information hub with anyone related to the project. Evernote allows the taking of notes, as well as clipping web pages to create a workspace filled with information needed for the task at hand. It’s even possible for Evernote to glean insights based on the information gathered.

Keep the Team Together
The way that business is done has changed considerably thanks to the Internet. Your workforce isn’t necessarily all in the same place. You might have remote workers who cannot make it to the office, as well as executives who do a lot of traveling for business purposes. Due to the nature of Evernote, you’ll keep people connected by way of its Internet app. Everyone will have access to information on any connected device, regardless of their physical location, making collaboration much easier and convenient for everyone involved.

Managing Tasks and Projects
Project management is in a category of its own in terms of frustration, especially when there are countless tasks and steps to complete throughout the duration of it. Depending on the size and scope of the project, managing all of these tasks can seem impossible. It helps to have a centralized hub that can be turned to for any assistance with organizing such an endeavor. You can keep meeting notes and other information in an easy to access hub, checklists and status updates on important deadlines, and track progress as a whole so that you always know how far along a project is in the development and implementation cycle.

If you’re struggling with project management or implementation, why not give Evernote a try? It might be just the platform you need to make sure that your projects stay organized and on-time. For any assistance with the implementation of such a solution, reach out to Catalyst Technology Group.

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