Hackers Are Hunting for This Particular Information

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  • August 23, 2017

Hackers Are Hunting for This Particular Information

While not always the case, hackers will generally act with a purpose. They might be looking to snatch some personally identifiable information from a database, or account credentials form unwary users. Regardless, hackers will go to any length to collect this information from unsuspecting users, and you need to do what you can to protect it.

What Do Hackers Look For?
Most businesses hold at least some type of sensitive information that hackers can use to their advantage. Believe it or not, sensitive information can be sold on the black market for considerable profit. Consider for a moment the information collected by a human resources department, or accounting. Information like employees’ birth records, Social Security numbers, contact information, credit card numbers, bank routing numbers, and so much more, all represent value to hackers and scammers.

When they aren’t trying to directly cause trouble for your business, they may try to covertly access your data infrastructure through the use of stolen credentials to make their hijinx look legitimate. They can then access your accounts and steal information without drawing attention to themselves, resulting in a major data breach that puts your business in a tight spot.

There are also incidents where hackers are just trying to make trouble for others, or planting the seeds of a future attack through the use of a trojan or backdoor. The end result is typically the same–your business’s operations are halted due to meddling from hackers, and it must be prevented.

What You Can Do
Your best chance to protect your organization from hacking attacks is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution. A UTM combines four enterprise-level security solutions into one package: a firewall, antivirus, spam blocker, and content filter, all to provide both proactive and reactive strategies to protect your network. It’s the best way to secure your infrastructure from hacking attacks of all varieties.

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