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Testimonials – Catalyst Technology Group


John Pechette, Systems Administrator - Mark III Management Corp.

We have been using Catalyst for eight years and in that time all of its employees have been unfailingly responsive and competent.  They have always put the needs of Mark III first.  I really can’t think of any reason why we would ever change IT companies.  Our working relationship is outstanding.

Brian Taylor,  Director of Computer Operations - Product Acceptance & Research

Catalyst does customer service better than any other IT firm. The amount of time savings in research and expertise on products and software is priceless. Get off the fence and enjoy the green grass of catalyst.

Cheryl Zolotar, Director of Operations - Educational Perspectives

Everyone is great to work with. …I have never felt as if anyone has talked down to me because I didn’t understand something. If I did, we wouldn’t need you! I fully trust the company to help us make decisions regarding our IT needs. I feel that everyone we work with at Catalyst always has our best interests in mind.

Danny Williamson, Director of Operational Support - Flat Top Grill

One of the most responsive and thorough groups I have worked with and that includes internal IT departments that reported directly to me as my employees. Follow through until the end. Very tenacious and will not stop until the issue has been resolved permanently and the root caused eradicated.

Debra Cox, - Metropolitan Rental Corporation

I would say that, because a business needs to have everything running and available at all times, promptness and thoroughness of service is key.  Your company has been very attentive to our needs, and I think that should put things on the right side of the fence for those people who can’t decide who to hire!

Betty Harris, Deputy Director - Hawthorne Community Center

Catalyst has always looked out to provide our agency with the best service. They have become very familiar with our needs and have been able to accommodate us in a most efficient manner. Catalyst from the beginning of our relationship, at least 10 years ago, have been very user friendly. They have held our hand on many occasions to work with the staff through any issues we have had to deal with. All of the Catalyst staff are very knowledgeable regarding our operations. They work to meet our needs in every capacity.

Kelly Skeens, Director of Marketing - Midland Atlantic

Catalyst is great at responding to our questions and giving us several options to consider when looking at advancing our IT. If someone was on the fence about choosing us as their IT firm, what would you say to them? The firm is well organized, all staff knowledgeable and personable and they offer excellent customer service.

John Schrader, Director, IT - Imaging Office Systems inc.

[You] respond and follow up without fail with the proper sense of urgency. I would recommend you.

Bogdan Calin, IT Director - New Hope of Indiana

Catalyst is a partner with New Hope. Bob took the time to know who we are, what we do, and how we operate. Not all IT services are “one size fits all”. It’s important to know the client and build a trust relationship.

Courage, passion, and integrity are my core value with which I offer our end users a complete ‘IT experience.’ It’s important to have a vested partner that understands the business model rather than a service provider selling services.

Mike Tibbets, Manager - Peerless Machine and Tool

Willingness to help, knowledge of and experience with your products, ability to work through and trouble shoot problems, no-pressure sales, being a full-service vendor (the help you gave me with our SAM audit was above and beyond but much appreciated, it was very helpful to have access to someone with that experience).

I cold-called Kelli after finding their business while researching the Office 365 transition. From the start, she was able to explain the product and how it worked, helped me understand and specify the licensing we needed, and ultimately helped with the installation and transition to the new system. She is always just a phone call away and we will definitely use Catalyst Technology Group for future needs

Gregory Smith, Owner/President- Gregory Smith Clarinet Products, Inc.

[We] truly adore Catalyst and use our beloved computers all the time. We are simply not very tech savvy and are ever grateful to ALL especially some Catalyst personnel in helping through all. You never fail us! Though we fail often.

WE LOVE CATALYST! THAT you already know and do not see that changing. We honestly have never worked with another firm and do not want to.

Yea The Best Catalyst!!, not going anywhere—affiliate with them asap for best of best in all ways! They will make your life so much better! We thank you for all the help you have been to us over so many long, at times very confused times, you and many others got us out of very tight spots and up and working again.

We love our computers, just know how to use about 1/10 of them and even then not very well though Catalyst always patiently pulls out of the mud hole (or snow bank for this time of year).

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